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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Picture Books I love!

Well, I have to say that having 2 kids is a really good excuse to read picture books (which I love).

One of my favourites in recent times is Jude the Dude; The Peanut Allergy Kid and another book by the same author called I Promise.

Both books are well illustrated (a must for me!) and each perfect for the use for which it was intended!  (to use some consumer affairs language).

"Jude the Dude; The Peanut Allergy Kid" is a great book to leverage for a discussion with children on allergies in general (for kids with them and for kids who need to understand why they should not share their food, or why the school has banned certain things from school lunches!).  I love the illustrations which are cute and appropriate.   I can really recommend this one.

The other book, "I Promise" is a poem of dedication to the author's son.  Love it... I even teared up!  Again, cute illustrations and a lovely book to read to one's son.  So I'm not going to read it to mine until he cleans his room, makes his bed and stops playing incessantly with his DS.  Then I might tell him how much I love him and read this book to him...

Well, that's all for today!  Past my bedtime and the small pink kid wants warm and fuzzy time.


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