The Home of the Ghosties!

The Home of the Ghosties!

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Hi Everyone! This is my blog

Well, we're finally in the countdown to book launch for both Moon Ghostie Manners and Making Rainbows (English/Chinese)!

Can't wait to see those hardback proofs!  I'm still aiming for a June launch!  (ok, it's probably going to be July...)

Of course I'm now on to the sequel to the Ghosties, which is going to be entitled Moon Guesties.  Text complete and five illustrations in...  I'll post some of them on deviantart ( when I get around to it. 

Anybody with some good book promotion ideas needs to contact me to let me know!  (visit website at: I'm new to the marketing thing.  Hmmm... this is what happens when you start your own publishing company instead of submitting your books to other publishers.  Here's hoping someone buys and reads the books!  Here's hoping anyone sees the books!

In other news, just picked up pink kid from kid party (nearly forgot her when I got carried away creating this blog!)  Blue kid spent quality time with Dad and a a todo list I drafted before I left.  Got back with pink kid, 2 helium balloons and a monster lollipop to find todo list in pristine virginity on the kitchen bench... oh well, a girl can dream.

Have a kool weekend everyone (oh, fave music at the moment is now Wild at Heart by The Birds of Tokyo thanks to the fact that they played it at the Air Show while the jets were blowing us away!! <presses repeat button on ipod>)

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  1. Hi Pauline,

    In response to your post on Createspace, I am submitting the URL of my illustrated children's ebook, "Sweetie Goes to Bed", for ages 3-5:

    I am about to publish another illustrated ebook. This one will be for the early primary school children. I may also do a Chinese version for this book.

    I notice that one of your books also has Chinese. Do you speak Chinese?

    Lydia Lin