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Sunday, 29 May 2011

How it almost(!) happened...

So I have to tell you the story of the day I released and then had to snatch back "Making Rainbows" (my first book!).

It was only last week, actually.  Got my hot little hands on the proof (about the 5th proof I should add - had to change the layout, then had to change the font, then didn't like the cover, and so on...)  Anyway, this time I was sure I had it right!  And here it was in its pristine glossiness!  I ran into the computer to press the "GO" button and publish this thing and promptly went ahead and ordered 50 copies to send to reviewers, friends, family and the like, racing away so I could complete all these exciting tasks before school pickup.

Went and picked up the blue kid from school...
"LOOK", I shove book in blue kid's face "Mummy's published the book!" - manic delight bordering on hysteria - I can hear it in my own voice.
"Oh, cool, have you seen this pokemon?" ... humph.
So, spitefully, I ask, "Have you got your homework bag?  Did you get a new book to read?" - well no, he forgot, so I can dive in for the kill....
"Good, well there's my book, read that aloud to me!"

So he did.  And there was a problem.  I'd used the same word twice, too close together!  This is a tragedy.  It's a tragedy because it's a children's book with not much text.  Therefore, each word of the text is of utmost importance and a mistake like that stands out... way out!
It's a tragedy, because I don't speak or write Chinese and I have a Chinese translation of this book... and I have to change 1 word in English and I won't be able to fix the Chinese version without bugging my good friend, Carolyn, AGAIN!

It's a tragedy, because I've ordered 50 copies of the book, print on demand, no refund.

The good news is that I now have a good supply of kindling for my fire.

The other good news is that the blue kid is very proud.  He found another mistake mum's made.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

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