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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gloria Lapin's books for beginning readers

Well, my pink kid (the 5 yo "beginning reader") has done a little Red Riding Hood - ie:  she's gone to grandma's house!  Ahhh... it's like taking off a tight pair of shoes.  The kid is adorable, but loud, clumsy and... adorable.  All I can say is: TGFG (thank God for Grandma).

I have the blue kid under AV restrictions (for every hour of audio/visual, he has to do one hour of something else).  We've spent some time creating a progressive story (where he writes one paragraph of a story and I write the next - leads to some interesting, if disjointed creations).

Hmmm, but speaking of 'beginning' readers - I was, wasn't I? - I wanted to tell you all about Gloria Lapin's books on Smashwords ( because I've discovered her books when looking for something that the small pink kid can read ("all by herself!").

Gloria's books are great.  They are very simple.  Simple illustrations and simple words (with some good repetition) which makes them perfect for children who are just starting to read.  There's some good variety, and the stories, while -shall I say it again- are very simple, there is a story, unlike some of those early readers like the "P" Book etc., which are really just word lists with small sentence examples.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather hear an actual coherent story, no matter how simple!

They display really well on the iPad too, which is a bonus, because the pink kid loves the iPad (so does the blue kid, but he's banned).

So thanks, Gloria.  I thank you, my pink kid thanks you (and my blue kid is ignoring you because he's probably surreptitiously playing his DS under his doona).

Cheers everyone!

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