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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Just when you think stereotypes are actually true…

I found out that if you order more than 25 pounds worth of books from Amazon UK, they will ship for free to Australia – YIPEE!  Shopping Spree!  I shopped for 2 hours online, I didn’t have a maximum limit, just a minimum prerequisite!
I bought two Fancy Nancys, a Splat the Cat primary reader,  “A Bad Case of Stripes” and then in a fit of nostalgia, lashed out on “The Magic Faraway Tree”, narrowly avoiding bumping into Mr Pinkwhistle.
The magic brown parcel of books arrived at the door a couple of weeks later.  Of course by that time I had forgotten I’d even ordered them… so it was a SURPRISE!!  As I unpacked them, my heart sank in my chest.  In my pleasurable haze of book buying, I’d forgotten the Blue Kid.  All these books were really Pink Kid material!
The Blue Kid likes “Battleboy”, “Zac Power” and other zappy, sci-fi, super spy stuff bordering on computer game playline storylines.  Most unattractive to my (naturally?) more traditional bent.  I lean towards magical fairies rather than magical destruction.  So when presented with an opportunity for self-indulgence, the Pink Kid became the beneficiary.  Bad Mum strikes again…
Thinking quickly, I handed out the booty.
“This is for you”, I said to the Pink Kid, giving her the Fancys, Splat and Stripes, “and this is for you!” …passing the Blue Kid “The Magic Faraway Tree”.
Turning towards the sink I winced inwardly, waiting for the Super Whine to start – goes something like, “Yuuuuck, what did you buy me THIS for??  It’s a GIRL’S book!”
But it didn’t happen!
“Oh!  I’ve seen this one at my cousin’s house!  This is a great story!  THANKS MUM!!”
Well, I’ll be…  Maybe there is a visit to Mr Pinkwhistle in my near future after all.

Books mentioned in this blog post (and actually, I can recommend all of them!):

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